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All our solutions are 100% adaptable and customizable to the needs of each client and project. If you have any questions, please contact us and our technical team will help you with your project.


The e-connect solution allows to charge in mode 2, mode 3 and mode 4* to achieve complete compatibility with all charge needs. The modes 2 and 3 allow any type of charge in slow mode, up to 2.2kW, as well as in semi-fast mode.


Slow mode is mainly indicated for scooters and electric bikes, although other mobile devices could be connected. This pole has an energy measurement system to detect the amount of energy used by the devices connected to this outlet. This measures energy use during the time the pole is in use.


The mode 3 or semi-fast is customisable to the client's requirements to adapt it to the estimated charge needs.


*The pole may add the mode 4 charge with V2G capacity. The pole does not have an incorporated two-way inverter; it is designed to control a two-way inverter through the communication bus. The HV lines in DC of the inverter are connected to relays installed in the pole and the pole manages the charge or discharge, depending on the needs of the user.


The pole has an intuitive and simple control system; it is therefore the perfect solution for any type of application. It has a RFID card reader, which allows having different cards with different functionalities (mode 2, 3 or 4), and different access levels and rates depending on the user.

The system has several communication buses to remotely monitor and control each pole, centrally managing the state of all the installed poles. 




Connector type:


  • Schuko
  • IEC 62196-2 AC or Combo


Mode 2: single-phase operation up to 10Amp

Mode 3: single-phase operation up to 64Amp

Mode 3: three-phase operation up to 64Amp

Mode 4: operation up to 125Amp and 850VDC 


AC electric protection:


  • C curve circuit breaker with tetrapolar break.
  • Type A differential.
  • Break relays for the three-phases.


Charge status light indicator:

  • Green: Waiting for user
  • Violet: Mode 4 or Mode 3
  • Blue: Mode 2
  • Red: Error


Anti-theft solution

RFID user identification system

Graphical interface

Adjustable power in operating modes 3 and 4.

Monitor and used energy measurement embedded in the pole, consumption per session indicator, possibility of retrieving consumption history.

Available configuration options such as time discrimination, rate modification, user control, which may be done on field at the pole or by means of a remote management system.