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About us

Jofemar Electromobility is the division of the Jofemar Corporation specialised in the design, development and implementation of innovative electromobility systems and battery packs. Founded in 2009, after the success of the first vending machine powered by hydrogen battery and as a result of the Corporation's commitment to renewable energy and electromobility, it is dedicated to the transformation of combustion engine vehicles into 100% electric ones and to the development and supply of battery packs for electromobility and microgrids.

With a Research and Development Centre integrated by top professionals, Jofemar manufactures it’s products with owned technology for the entire world and is starting to become one of the main players of the national industry. Thanks to the know-how acquired over 30 years as experts in complex mechatronic systems, we can design, develop, adapt and integrate energy storage systems based, mainly, on different types of lithium cells for its use in:


Our development work includes:


  • Selection and development of the electronic systems for their control and monitorization.
  • The selection of the most appropriate cell technology for each project.
  • An appropriate electronic and mechanic integration in more complex systems.



All this years of experience in developing devices and systems applied to electromobility have allowed us to continue improving the technology of our developments. We have achieved a product that can be easily adapted to our customer’s needs and that complies with the highest quality standards in alternative, renewable and clean energy solutions. Always striving for excellence in the control electronics field and the battery packs, combining the maximum quality with a high gravimetric density and an optimal energetic density.


Reliably committed to leadership and innovation, and from a sustainable point of view, Jofemar Electromobility applies the most robust, flexible and reliable production processes every day in order to ensure a fast and effective response to the customer’s needs. The ability to adapt and customise has always been one of the pillars of the Group's strategy.


What makes us unique?

  • High performance solutions
  • Security, quality and durability standards.
  • Energetic density, flexibility, security and compact design to create a competitive quality product.
  • Innovation in environmentally respectful technologies.


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