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Our team

We are a motivated, committed and innovative team

At Jofemar, we understand that our activities must be geared towards excellence and sustainable development, something we can only achieve thanks to our most important asset: our workforce. We rely on a motivated, innovative and committed team that makes us grow every day and that builds our future. 


The company's family-run character has been known to pervade the entire staff, creating a climate of confidence, respect and integrity that favours identification with the strategic objectives and their effective execution. Moreover, in order to avoid seasonal jobs, the company has achieved a great employees’ versatility through training and specific qualification in the production area; that allows to establish, as required, a rotation systems for the work positions.

The Corporation currently employs over 270 people around the world, of which approximately 30% are dedicated to R&D. Our team integrates highly qualified and motivated professionals, of which, more than 70% possess university degrees or higher education. Developing our personnel's talent is one of the principles of our human resources policy in order to achieve maximum competitiveness and organisational efficiency.


In the past few years, the Group has managed not only to maintain a solid and stable staff, but also to create new jobs in a very difficult economic and social environment. That demonstrates its commitment to success and professional development of its workers, guaranteeing a stable, quality employment and a solid and attractive professional career.

 Our principles:

  • To guarantee a quality, stable and stimulating professional career.
  • Talent management as a tool for competitiveness. Professional development of our future leaders.
  • Hiring of innovative employees with a high level of motivation and capable of familiarizing themselves with the corporate culture.
  • Creation and maintenance of a stimulating working environment.
  • Sense of belonging, motivation and innovation.
  • To support and promote respect and compliance with human rights.
  • Avoid discriminatory practices. Integrity.
  • Culture of conciliation. Balance between professional and personal life.
  • Fight for the health and well-being at work of all our employees.
  • To contribute to economic and social development of the countries in which we operate.

Talent Management:

Talent management and development means identifying the abilities, knowledge, achievements and personal skills of our personnel in order to offer them the possibility of applying them in all our projects and engage in a stimulating, stable professional career. We strive to promote the strengths of each employee and to implement specific actions that make their development and promotion easier.